Historical Origins

The formation of the dragon bombing in Miaoli, the earliest trace of the dragon dance activities in the China, after the changes of the times, the Hakka family from the China to Taiwan, also brought the dragon dance culture to Taiwan, and added the original pure dragon dance performance to the firecrackers. According to the local elders, during the Lantern Festival, the more firecrackers are fried., the more prosperous the next year will be, so the most lively and unique activities in the Miaoli Hakka area are gradually formed.

In 2020, the “Dragon Bombing in Miaoli” has been in existence for 21 years and has achieved success in 21 years. Miaoli City has accumulated intangible cultural assets of “Dragon” that no one can match. Therefore, in 2020, we will use the concept of “Prosperous Dragon City, Colorful Miaoli ” to build Miaoli City into a livable city in the global Chinese world – “Dragon City”, and lift the Miaoli Fire Dragon The pattern and momentum.