Dotting the eyes, Blessing Dragon Array Challenge, and Dragon dance competition

Sunday, February 2, 9:00-14:30

Location: Plaza in front of Yuqing Temple, Miaoli City(24°33’53.0″N 120°49’36.3″E)

In the traditional Hakka customs of Miaoli, the 15th day of the first month is the day of the visit to the dragon. Before the worship from God of Dragon, it is necessary to go through the ritual of finishing the eye before it can become a dragon and the dragon who visits the family to pay homage to the dragon. It is impossible to enter the temple to pay homage, and the people do not greet or send red envelopes. The ritual of the eye, the preparation of the rituals and the rituals in accordance with the ancient rites, from the sacrifice of the heavens, the performance of the chapters, the finishing touches to the flowers, sacred and solemn



Traffic Indication:

1. From Kung-Kuan exit due west (toward Miaoli)→Go thru Guei-San Bridge→
Right turn to Jing-Kuo Rd.→Left turn to Yu-Chin Rd.→You will see the Yu-Chin Temple archway at your right.

2. From Tou-Wu exit due west (toward Miaoli)→Go thru Tou-Wu Bridge→Left turn at Jing-Kuo Rd.→
follow by right turn Yu-Chin Rd→You will see the Yu-Chin Temple archway at your right.