Hakka Dragon Altar

2/1-2/10 9:00-17:00

Location: Miaoli Meow Parents and Child Park (24°33’49.4″N 120°50’12.7″E)

According to the research of Hakka folk experts, the Hakkas who came to Taiwan two hundred years ago will find a mountain dragon god to build a village, survive by the mountain dragon god, and create a unique science ”Walk with the Dragon”. Let God of Dragon not only be the patron saint of the guest house, but also the patron saint of Hakka, so we not only see the dragon god incense in the temple but also worship the halls of our ancestors in the Hakka people.

(1)Street Artist Timetable

(2)Hakka Dragon God painted horse prayer card

The people wrote their wishes in the prayer card and hung them on the painted horse. On 2/11, the organizer will pray for the Hakka Dragon God after the incense, and the Huahua Long will return to heaven on the day of cremation.

(3)Hakka Dragon God

Hakka Dragon God is exclusive to the defensive. During the festival, I used the Hakka Dragon King to guard the three rounds of the incense burner, and I sincerely prayed for it.

(4)Signing Machine

After the worship of the Hakka Dragon, the people have to pay a coin of 30 yuan for the lottery.

(5) 3D Dragon Show