Street Parade 

Friday, February 7, 18:00-21:00
Location: Miaoli City Downtown(24°33’07.6″N 120°48’58.8″E)
Venue: Nan-Miao Triangle Park→Chung Cheng Road→Miaoli Railway Station Square

Folk custom on the street is the highlight of the Dragon bombing in Miaoli . In the past few years, there are many people who try their best to create ideas and dress up. Many of them have participated in the team for several years and are well received. In addition to the street-street teams in various communities and schools in Miaoli City, we also invite all-Taiwan professional street-treading teams and performance teams with other Hakka characteristics in other counties and cities to make the traditional scene of Following the Dragon Tour Street reappear on the streets of Miaoli City. Also returning to the custom of the traditional ”Following the Dragon”, the leading Dragon of the Miaoli stepped on the street and arranged to ignite the dragon, let the people follow the dragon, and the more the fire, the more prosperous.

Location: Nan-Miao Stage

Location: Bei-Miao Stage

Travel Information

1.Nan-Miao Stage : Gongguan Interchange heading toward Miaoli City direction→cross the GuishanBridge→To Zhongzheng Road→Venue

2.Bei-Miao Stage : Touwu Interchange heading toward Miaoli City direction→cross the TouwuBridge→ Go straight →Venue